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Her goal is to gain more website traffic throughout Bergen County, New Jersey for specialized keywords.

SEO Services

For Clients Who Have Their Own Website

In this case the client had an existing website that she wanted to keep. She only wanted us to increase her visibility online in Bergen County, New Jersey. We don't accept all clients into our program that have their own website because some websites are poorly built, and the SEO may be ineffective. Fortunately, her website was a great representation of her business and I was sure that I can assist the client with gaining more visibility and new clients.

It's Beginning To Be A Successful Campaign

Increased Business In Less Than 30 Days!

In just as little as 30 days the client has told me that she already gained new clients that found her website on Google. I had to completely restructure the existing on-site SEO for the pages, posts and images as well as start building links and verifying her business on major search directories. I also go through the entire website and fix areas where the written content doesn't sound personalize and sounds robotic, spelled incorrectly or not laid out in an organized matter. This is key for businesses because finding your information is only the first step, consumers need to stay engaged and want to feel like you're a good fit to do business with. I have high hopes for this account, and it will be successful.

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