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The Above, Integrated, Is The Solution.
The Solution Is Online Visibility.
We Are The Best In Our Class At Giving You The Solution.

Everything you see listed above is the algorithm that produces mass visibility online. It triggers Google, Yahoo, Bing & all other major search engines so that they will display your business information in many different forms.

Now the trick is to do each service in a way that not only triggers major search engines but it has to trigger your consumers. That’s where our expertise comes in. When you become part of the team, our family, you get the professional skill needed to successfully launch your online marketing campaign.

Not only do we know what we’re doing but we also genuinely perform the needed services. Many companies feed you this information in a sales pitch that sounds so sweet and they sell you on it. But that’s all they do, they collect the money and a year later, not much has changed and the work wasn’t done or was done incorrectly.

So to wrap things up, when you hire us to do the work you get the services you have paid for and you get them done right. My business is based on ethics, skilled services and premium 24/7 client support. Take a look below at the services we provide in detail.

We Provide The Full Package For Digital Marketing

When it comes to marketing your business online there is no one step service, or we can’t just push a button to make it happen. In order to successfully market your business online we must integrate every service available. The more we put into it, the more visibility your business will get because of it. The more platforms we integrate your business with the more consumers will be able to find your business. Not everyone uses Google to search for certain services or products. But Google uses these platforms to rank your business higher so it’s a necessity to integrate your business with every possible platform there is. Visibility is great for your business, but it also takes an engaging website that is personalized for your business written with engaging content to increase service inquiries or product sales. Everything we do plays an important role in marketing your business online. This is what digital marketing is all about.

Our digital marketing program consists of doing the following for your business:

  • Building an engaging personalized website with engaging content.
  • On-site Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to produce keyword ranking in requested locations.
  • Social media management & marketing.
  • Business listing verification on all major platforms including Yelp, Yellowpages, Manta, etc.
  • Google Ads & search partners advertising. Pay per click (PPC) marketing.
  • Landing page building.
  • Link building.
  • Other creative marketing including videos, commercials, billboards, etc.

The above strategies, when integrated will provide your business with maximum visibility that will produce an increase in service inquiries or product sales. We provide the above services based on the budget you have available. Your budget and pricing are reviewed during the appointment you have. We don’t have a flat rate for our services but our most common pricing for small service-based businesses is $1,000 for a complete website (that is yours for the taking) and $150/month for keyword ranking in certain cities. Please contact us to set up an appointment or for any further questions that can’t be answered by looking through our website.

Professional Business & E-Commerce Website Design, Maintenance & Hosting

Business Websites

Your website is a visual interpretation of your business. We work closely with you to build a website that is just that. There are millions of websites out there and thousands of businesses that may offer the same services as you. Our goal is to build you a unique, personalized website that truly matches your business. We take into consideration what makes your business unique, how you built your business and keep everything as personalized as possible. You don’t want a website that sounds robotic or generic because consumers tend to stay away from doing business with you if that’s the case. We also provide photography services to build an online portfolio of your business. This includes everything from your storefront, your staff, action shots of your staff performing certain services, finished products of your services and much more.

We also use pictures you provide us of work you’ve done in the past but will make sure the quality of them is good enough to show on the site. You don’t want to use blurry pictures or pictures that don’t look great on your site.

Some pictures you may have may also be too small to use on the site. We also can provide you with stock photos to use on portions of your site for backgrounds or visual effects. Stock photos are OK to use throughout some portions of your site, but you want to use as many of your photos as possible to show consumers the work that you do.

Your website will come equipped with the following: SSL certificate, security, contact forms, homepage, about page, services pages, contact page, portfolio page & other unique pages if needed. On-site SEO is done with the pages that are built with the site, but additional SEO is provided for clients that sign up with our SEO program. We create customized content for your website that is based upon information you provide us directly, flyers, or other informational supplies you may already have for your business. Your logo is also used throughout the website.

E-Commerce Websites

Building an online store for your business is exciting and must be done professionally. When you hire us to build you an online store there is a certain strategy we have in mind and we don’t recommend skipping any portion of it. Our strategy for online stores includes the following:

  • Professional images of the products you’re selling
  • Titles for each product
  • In-depth description of each product
  • Variable options – colors, sizes, materials, etc.
  • An outlined privacy policy, shipping policy & return policy
  • Shipping info – weights, dimensions, boxes you ship with
  • Merchant – for accepting payments
  • For certain businesses that have inventory we highly recommend integrating the inventory system with the website purchases. It becomes a task trying to manually keep track of your inventory after sales are made from the website.

We take E-commerce sites very seriously. We’re not going to accept any payments from you or begin building a site if we feel you won’t benefit from it. This goes with all our services but with e-commerce websites there is much more of an investment in time and money. As said throughout our website, we’re all about helping you build your business not take away from it. We like to play it safe and make sure that all the business we take on is worth our time, your time and your money. We don’t sell empty promises or false hopes and we’re not in it for the money. My passion lies within what my company has to offer and when your store makes its’ first sale and begins to grow, that feeling of success is what I’m in this industry for. For more information about building an e-commerce site for your business contact us!

Social Media Marketing & Management

Social media, like Google, is another platform that is used by billions of consumers. It’s a great way to provide consumers with up to date information about your business and upcoming events, promotions, recent works, & much more. We research the most used hashtags by consumers and integrate them with what your business offers and what is relative to your post. We also include your website link in the posts to generate more website traffic. Re-marketing is another benefit of social media. If you’ve ever searched for a certain product or service online you may have noticed that not even a few minutes later, you start seeing advertisements pop-up on your feed relative to what you searched. This is called re-marketing and it is a great way to bring in new clients who may have not engaged with your business when they first searched for you.

Our primary platforms for social media that we use are Facebook and Instagram. We provide daily or weekly posting and we can either create the content for you from the information you have provided us, or we can post information that you want us to post.

Sponsored advertisements are another option for our clients. Sponsored advertisements are paid ads that target certain locations, demographics, interests & behaviors. You can set up an ad to increase traffic, engagement, app installs, video views, leads & messages. You can also use it for reach or brand awareness as well as increasing conversions, catalog sales or store traffic. You’re limited to the amount of wording you can use in your post and in your graphics but it’s a great way to expand your reach to new consumers when promoting a product, service or message. For more information about social media marketing & management or our services please contact us.

Google Ads (PPC) & Sponsored Advertisements

Google Ads is a great way to get your business out there but at times can be costly. It’s a Pay Per Click (PPC) way of advertising. You set up an account with Google Ads and choose what type of marketing you would like to do. There are a few options such as get more website traffic, get leads, call only campaign & a get more sales campaign. You can target as many keywords as you would like and choose whatever locations you prefer. Your advertisement is placed on the top or bottom of the first or second page of Google depending on how much money you have in the account and how much it costs per click. You also can advertise with Google’s search partners while running your Google Ad which will allow your advertisement to show on platforms such as Youtube, email inboxes and other partnered sites with Google.

Hiring a professional to set up the account is important because as easy and user friendly as it sounds, it’s much more difficult then it seems. There’s a high chance of wasting money when not done right because you can set up a keyword to be “concrete coating” and when someone searches “how to videos of installing a concrete coating” your ad can be brought up and clicked on. Now if you’re looking to offer your service and not how-to videos, you would have just wasted a certain amount of money because of this click. To find out more information about this service feel free to contact us!

Landing Pages

Each page on your website can generate keywords for different areas. You don’t want to flood your website with unnecessary pages so then how do you generate so many keywords for so many cities/counties/states? We build landing pages. These pages are built within your website but aren’t visible to viewers throughout your website’s foundation. These pages are in the back end of your site but will be seen by consumers looking for your service in locations that are not near your business. How will consumers find my website in Los Angeles if my business is in New York City? This is what landing pages and paid advertisements are for. Google won’t bring your website up in Los Angeles if there is no mention to Los Angeles on your website at all. That’s why we build you landing pages. We work with you to go over what areas you would like to do business in and will have to build landing pages for these areas that include the keywords you want to rank for.

There is no quick way around this. These are pages that need to be built and you can’t trick Google. There are ways to try and trick Google but when your exposed your website and ranking will be penalized. We don’t work like that, we make sure we do everything the right way. Landing pages must have unique content in them, and you can’t duplicate any of the content on your existing site or copy content from other websites. Google allows for 30% of the page to be the same content and you must have a certain amount of words on the page for Google to consider ranking you. All pages must be linked back to the homepage in order to rank but needs to be done in a way that consumers won’t see it. This comes off as tacky, so we make sure it’s well done. For more information regarding landing pages or our services please contact us.

Business Listing & Verification On Other Major Search Platforms

Verifying your business with other major search engines such as yelp, yahoo, yellow pages, manta, bing & many others are a great way to provide consumers with your business information. Millions of consumers use platforms like the ones mentioned above and when we verify your business on them, we can provide consumers with images, contact information, service information, hours of operation and all other types of information pertaining to your business.

Verifying your business on these search platforms also assists with the overall SEO for your business. Google uses these platforms when searching for information about your business and will assist with ranking your business higher. However, not all search platforms help with SEO. There are many search platforms that aren’t used or used by hardly anyone, so Google won’t count them when ranking your business. We only verify your business on the major platforms that will help your business. There are companies that offer business listing services such as Yext, Synup, Bright Local & more.

These companies are costly and ineffective. What separates us from them is that we verify your business on these directories. Those companies only list your business on them, and when you cancel services with them they will take you off of the directories in heartbeat. All the work that you pay for and that we do for you is yours to keep. We will only verify your business on directories that consumers use, and that Google uses to rank your business higher. In order to do so, some of them require a phone verification in which they will give you a code for us to enter to complete the verification. Some directories do it through email and some do it through a post card that goes to your business address with a code. The key factor on these directories is that you want to provide Google with consistent information about your business such as name, phone number, address, etc. The information must be identical and when Google finds that your business information is consistent throughout the web it will rank your website higher. For more information about business listing or any of our services we offer please contact us!

Google Data Studio Reports

Tracking your website traffic is vital to improving your online presence. Although reporting strategies have not been solidified and I find that there are still a bunch of kinks that need to be worked out it is still an important part in increasing your online profile. We can customize your report to track page views, visits, users, and even phone calls that were made by clicking the phone number on your website. The reports can also detect where consumers are located when they were searching for a certain service and clicked on your website. These reports are fully customize-able, and we will work with you to personalize them to your liking. For more information about reporting or any of our services please contact us.

Keep in mind that these reports do not reflect how many leads we really have generated for you. Some clients may have stored your phone number and called you later or may be using a computer in which they can’t call you from. The key information to take from these reports are the amount of website traffic we have created for you and data relative to that. The best way to tell if what we’ve been doing for you has been working is to ask your customers how they found out about you.

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